Christian unity -4


The declared prayer for Christian unity has been a dominant theme of this week, though the calendar of saints, and memorials, and liturgical cycle are somewhat independent of that prayer for Christian unity. Through that liturgical cycle though it is easy to see what does unify Christians. In the saints that are remembered through this week, Agnes, Fabian, and Sebastian were martyrs of the Church. Christian unity through them was described in something I read this week concerning modern day martyrs. It said that today when Christians are martyred, those doing the killing do not ask their denomination. They simply are martyred for being Christian, not for Catholicism, or, Protestantism, or Orthodoxy.

The second unity can be seen in another memorial of the Latin Church and that is the memorial and prayer for the legal protection of the unborn that occurs during the week long prayer for Christian unity. In this prayer for the legal protection of the unborn, is the underlying concern for life and a culture of life that indeed unifies all branches of Christianity. Christianity is the preaching of that culture of life that reaches from conception to the natural end of life. It is Christ’s demand to bring children to him, and his warning that they not be harmed. It is Mother Teresa’s declaration that if you do not receive the child, you do not receive Christ. In that prayer for legal protection, Christians do not care if that protection comes from the Anglican protestant lawyer, or from the Vatican, or from a priests-ministers homily. Christians are united in that protection of the unborn. In praying for Christian unity, what unites Christians takes precedence over what divides us. What unites us really is that what is fundamentally Christian.What unites us is that Christianity is the culture of life and that is the good news Christ preached.

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