Come after me 3


A leper came to him and kneeling down begged him and said,
“If you wish, you can make me clean.”

Jesus called his apostles by saying “come after me” and they did so without hesitation. Here in the gospel is another that Jesus calls after, though not in words. This leper clearly must have heard the message that Jesus preached. After discovering Christ’s message that leper came to him. In that society a leper was an outcast considered ritually unclean. One message that leper would have never heard was for anyone to call to him so that he might come closer. On the contrary had that leper ever approached a crowd, he would have been obligated to call out “unclean” so that the people could distance themselves from that unclean leper. For that leper to approach Jesus, he clearly must have heard Jesus call to him. With that one can see who Jesus calls after. It is not just the elite, or the powerful, or the privileged few, or those considered blessed. On the contrary Jesus calls after those wounded, and outcast, and cursed, and isolated. It is those who’s wounds he heals, and it is to those who he offers his blessings. He makes them clean, and being clean was a very big thing. Being clean brought them back into society. More importantly being clean allowed them to approach “the temple”, it allowed them to be brought back to God.

mk 1:40-45

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