Come after me


Gospel mk 1:14-20
“Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Then they left their nets and followed him.

In reading about how Jesus addressed his apostles, it is worth noting what is missing. There is no sales pitch, nor is there any lengthy discussion or debate. There is no interview, or discussion about pay or duties or about where their mission will take them. Jesus simply says come and they follow. Not only do they follow, but they also leave everything behind. Later in the gospel this approach will show up and it will soon be discovered that this is what Jesus demands of his disciples, that they follow him and place nothing before him except trust. His discipleship does not allow for bartering or meeting him half way. His opening statement is “repent, and believe in the Gospel.” He asks that his disciples admit their faults and mistakes and trust the good news. It is easy perhaps to listen to that gospel message and think that it sounds inviting, it is quite another thing to put all ones faith in it. Perhaps though one of the greatest sins of those people, or any people, is that they no longer have faith in God. In not having faith in God, that faith gets misplaced and misused. In Jesus call to his disciples, in a sense he asks that they surrender to him and in surrendering they must let go of all that distances them from God. It is an irony that their surrender ultimately leads to their liberation. The task is not easy, but the rewards great.

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