Saint Stephen, martyr


Nothing can modulate the euphoria of Christmas quite like Saint Stephens day. Saint Stephen was the first Christian martyr who was stoned to death in the year 34. His crime was blasphemy for preaching Christ’s message, and for supposedly preaching that message at times in the synagogue. One of the witnesses of his stoning was the Apostle Paul who at the time was an avid persecutor of Christians. If the modern Christmas season signifies a season of parties, Saint Stephens day signifies that their is more than a little pain to go along with those parties. It is a reminder that to follow Christ involves difficult decisions,actions, commitment, and the painful consequences that often goes along with them. It means to follow Christ often in spite of public opinion. That at times was difficult during Saint Stephens day, and it is many times difficult today. Saint Stephen in his argument defended Christianity against the Sanhedrin or Jewish court, while today that argument many times is against modern Secular opinion. Saint Stephen saw the joy in Christ’s message, and he saw the need to defend and devote himself to that joyful gospel, even against the very real risk of death. That is worth mentioning in this age of public opinion and bad press which have become the modern stoning. Saint Stephen pray for us.

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