Christmas 2


One of the great benefits of the secular side of Christmas is its visibility. With all of the advertisements for holiday shopping, and all of the glitz used to drive people into stores, it is difficult to miss that a great celebration is coming. Though not always motivated by the best of intentions, and somewhat out of sync with the liturgical celebration, that secular celebration does keep one reminded of the Christians Christ Child as the meaning of Christmas. Its jingles of Joy to the World and Peace on Earth are after all true Christian messages, its hymns many times are true Christian hymns based on true Christian themes. Silent Night, O come Emmanuel, Joy to the World are fitting hymns for any Church service and those hymns do serve an evangelical service. They do bring Christ to those who would tend to ignore him.

The gifts of the popular celebration of Christmas, also are one of that days greatest obstacles. That popular Christmas is focused on glitz , and glamor, and wealth. It is celebrations of food and drink, and lively parties even before the feast day begins. It is those trappings of Christmas that sometimes get in the way. They can become an elaborately wrapped package, minus its gift. They can become an empty box.

With that the importance of contemplating that first Christmas becomes evident. On that first Christmas Nativity there were indeed parties and celebrations occurring, but those were the rages of Herod. The bountiful parties were held by a few, and the ornaments and decoration’s of the day were gilded idols and elaborate temples. Those trappings specifically occurred where Christ was not born.

On that first Christmas, finding Christ was to move away from all of those elaborate trappings of society, and go to a much quieter place. His birth was not loudly announced, but had to be searched for. Searching for Christ’s nativity inmany ways was equal to Mary and Josephs searching for an inn for that birth to take place. Searching for Christ in Christmas is moving away from some of the noise of the season, and quietly moving towards where Christ is needed. The true celebration is that delivering of Christ to mankind. It is about searching both for the Christ of Christmas, and the quietly seeking out of those in need of that Christ. It does not take much to see where Christ is desperately needed.

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