The Christmas narrative is so well known, both on its surface and even its popular interpretations. It is after all one of the most highly publicized of Church celebrations, with its message extended even to those who have not listened to a gospel reading all year. Its secular celebration in some ways gets in the way of the Church celebration, yet in others they enhance it. With its almost ever present promotion and advertisement, the holiday meaning can become highly personalized and so much so that to describe just one meaning of Christmas is nearly futile. Still though one can wonder about where that day took place and where it did not. This biggest day of celebration did not take place in a palace, that family was not welcomed or honored, there was little fanfare, and the nativity was more struggle than festive. In just thinking about that birth on the edges of society, is it difficult to think that Christ entered this earth not where he deserved to be but rather where he was needed? It was those people on the fringes of society that desperately needed a savior, and that is where Christ was born. Simply put that Christ child was not born where he deserved to be, but came to those where he was needed.

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