Lady of Guadalupe


Two feasts of Mary were celebrated this week, Mary’s Immaculate Conception and the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe. Also between these two days was the memorial of Juan Diego, the Mexican peasant that Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to. It is interesting to look at Mary conceived without sin as celebrated on the Immaculate Conception, and then think of Mary received without sin by Juan Diego. Mary presented herself to Juan several times before that image appeared on his cloak, and each time those appearances were questioned or rejected by those he told. It took that specific image  to convince people of Mary’s appearance to Juan Diego. That image of Mary was not simply a image of Mary duplicating her appearance of the past, it was a new vision with the bronze skin of that new world, and in colors of that new world. It was Mary as part of Juan Diego’s life as he had always known it, and not a crude copy imported from another country superimposed on a new culture. In the newness of that image of Our lady of Guadalupe, it is immaculate in that it is a genuine confirmation of an uncorrupt appearance of Mary in the new world. Five hundred years of devotion to that image attest to that. Had it not been genuine that image and Christianity would have faded from that region long ago.

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