Christ the King


From: World War One (click)

·         21/02/1921 France and Poland make a secret military agreement, specifying that if Germany attacks either nation, the other will assist in defence. If Poland is attacked by Soviet Russia, France is to hold Germany in check on land and at sea.

·         29/07/1921 Adolf Hitler becomes the leader of the Nazi party.

·         13/10/1921 The Treaty of Kars is signed between Bolshevik Russia and Turkey.

·         06/02/1922 A treaty limiting naval armament is signed by the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan. The limits set for total tonnage of major naval ships are: USA 525,000, Great Britain 525,000, France 175,000, Italy 175,000, Japan 315,000.

·         10/04/1922 The Genoa Conference begins with representatives of 34 countries discussing ecomomics in the wake of the Great War.

·         16/04/1922 Treaty of Rapallo is signed between Germany and Bolshevik Russia to normalise diplomatic relations.
·         19/05/1922 The Genoa Conference ends.

·         11/09/1922 Treaty of Kars is ratified in Yerevan, Soviet Union.

·         24/10/1922 Benito Mussolini calls for Italian Blackshirts to march on Rome.

·         29/10/1922 King Victor Emmanual III appoints Mussolini as Premier of Italy.

·         The Treaty of Lausanne is signed between the Allies and Turkey, successor State to the Ottoman Empire. It supersedes the Treaty of Sèvres.
·         27/01/1924 The Treaty of Rome is signed between Italy and Yugoslavia. Fiume is annexed by Italy and the neighboring town of Sušak is assigned to Yugoslavia.
·         03/01/1925 Mussolini dismisses the Italian Parliament and assumes total control of Italy.

·        12/11/1925 Christ the King Encyclical(click)

Begin: World War Two(click) timeline

Sometimes you can look at a liturgical day simply by what it is called; and relating that days title to the bible passages that illuminate it. Christ as King can certainly be referenced numerous times in the bible and that title describing Christ can fill countless volumes describing precisely what it means.

This day, the solemnity of Christ the King, can and should also be referenced historically to the day that it was declared part of the liturgical calendar. POPE PIUS XI declared this day in 1925 , and a review of the timeline in European history gives clear indication of why that Pope thought it so important to reflect on the proclamation of Christ as King of the Universe. This is the period after world war 1, and just prior to world war two. It is a time of hatred, and dictators trying to claim that title themselves. With that type of political environment so dominated by Nazi and Fascist propaganda and all of the power and control they both managed to gain, it was and is wise to remember Christ as King. It also is wise to view that King in the light of all of the so called earthly kings, presidents, prime ministers, generals, and dictators. It is wise to view the kingdoms that these earthly leaders preach in light of that kingdom of God preached by Christ. It is wise to look at their preaching’s in the light of Christ’s, their commands and laws and decrees in his light. His is the way the truth and the light. In the darkness of 1925 Europe that light was desperately needed.


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