Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time


The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.”
Lk 17:5-10

When the apostles asked Jesus to increase their faith, he certainly acknowledged that request. Jesus knew well the power of faith. Christ also knows that while our gift of faith comes from God, increasing that faith is in our hands. Faith is a trust in God, a faithfulness to commands, and obedience. In his parable of the servant and the master Jesus emphasizes the requirement of that servant to do the will of the master not just when it is covenant, but more importantly when it is not. His servant is one who has labored in a field, tired and hungry. While that servant rightly might desire to rest and replenish his body, his obligation to the master has not yet been completed. The servant must again be obedient to that master and put the masters needs before his own. That faith is easy to enjoy when resting in comfort. It is important also to retain it through times of difficulty. By letting that faith take hold throughout our lives is when it grows. It is then that it increases. It is interesting to look at these apostles faith throughout their journey with Christ.In many they drop all to follow him. Many go from the rank of sinner and outcast to disciple. Some ask to sit at his right when he enters his kingdom, and some climb the mountain with him to witness his transfiguration. On parts of their journey when they are moderately challenged, or reaping a reward their faith in Jesus stays high. What a contrast that is at Christ’s passion when they scatter, and when Peter denies him three times. What a contrast to St. Thomas’s doubt at the resurrection. Where was their faith at the cross? These are the times on must be reminded to hold on to ones faith. It is easy to boast of ones faith when everything is going our way, how easy is it to hold onto that same faith when we think God has abandoned us?

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