Mary Magdalene


If I think as if why Mary Magdalene would be the first Jesus revealed himself to at the Resurrection, I think of rewording that question and then ask “Why was Mary Madeline the first to see the risen Christ?” Both questions are important but the second focuses on the attributes of Mary. First I think hers was that privilege because she was the one that stayed with Jesus at the Cross, that is she first saw Him because she never left Him.That was the strength of her devotion. Second I think of the incident with Jesus, Martha and Mary where Martha works while Mary listens to Jesus. Mary listens to his word and places nothing before it. In listening to that word she fulfills what Mary mother of God told the servants to do at Cana. “Do what ever he tells you.” Third is the anointing of Jesus with the Spikenard oil;hers is a public act of praise and a declaration of Jesus as Lord.Fourth, she is the Mary that Jesus cast seven demons from. She experienced his salvation. For her to be the first to recognize Jesus after the crucifixion very well might have been because she was the first to recognize him before the crucifixion. Hers is a discipleship of pure devotion.

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