God called out to him from the bush, “Moses! Moses!”


Thinking of God as a burning shrub, and with Moses standing in front of that bush in awe, has always been one aspect of God that I had to wrestle with. In thinking of that burning bush, there is the revelation that God appears to Moses in many ways, and that many times it is through some part of nature. There is thoughts of what an epiphany is, and how old testament epiphanies relate to those of the new testament  There also are the nagging questions raised from the physical realities that this miraculous bush did not become consumed from the fire. How God appears to the people of the old testament influences these peoples vision and perception of God, and also helps differentiate how their God is different from the multitude of “gods” that surround them. Their God appeared in nature, while the others were carved and cast from wood , metal, and stone. A God appearing as a burning bush raises a whole series of philosophical questions.

While the old testament wrestled with Gods appearances to Moses, those of the New Testament come to terms with God that comes to them as man. That is the defining point of Christianity, that God is born of a virgin and becomes man.Jesus in his prayer (MT 11:25-27) makes that connection between the Father and the Son clear, as he makes is clear that he is the path to the Father.In approaching Christ, Jesus is approached by his followers much as Moses approached that burning bush. As Moses was compelled to investigate the remarkable sight of a burning bush that is not consumed by fire, Christians are compelled to investigate the mysteries of Christ that are before us.Our visions of God are different from that of Moses. His was a God revealed through signs, yet not seen by man. For Christians God became man in Jesus Christ. Ours is the God of the Trinity and that is remarkable. It calls us to walk closer, to listen, to question, and to investigate just as Moses did. It is why we remove the sandals from our feet, as Jesus Christ, the Son of God,is our holy ground.

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