The Annunciation at Eastertime


On one account having the solemnity of the annunciation post Easter is chronologically awkward. As a reflection on the mystery of Easter though; it puts both these events at an ideal opportunity for comparison. The chronological awkwardness is due to the timeline of events with the Annunciation preceding Jesus Nativity, and Easter preceding the Ascension. The Annunciation is an announcement that Mary will bear Jesus, the son of God. In thinking of that announcement; did Jesus not also “announce” his resurrection  to his disciples? Wasn’t their recognition of Jesus a response to his action? By looking at the Resurrection in light of the Annunciation, Easter’s miracle can be seen in a perspective different from that portrayed in the cinema or through a painter’s eye. It can be brought to light in the way those Gospel writers recorded it and witnessed it. The comparison of these two great events has one other benefit for those of the post Easter and post Ascension community. For us the Easter resurrection of Jesus is an event of history, and the Ascension removes a human bodily form from our experience. It does not however remove Christ’s announcing or revealing his presence in our lives. It does allow us the ability to ask the questions those who viewed Christ’s resurrection asked, it also reminds us to listen for the answer.Perhaps that is the lesson, that this Easter Christ does announce his presence to those of us who walk with him, just as he did to those present for that first Easter.

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