I think about the adult Easter versus the child’s  The adults is filled with the vigil, and the message, and the community, and with the child’s. The child’s Easter though is simple. It has its focus on the Easter bunny and the basket,the eggs, the chocolate, and the hunt.Sometimes that child’s Easter is referred to as the secular, and also as being trivial and lacking in Easters true meaning. Yet is that really true? Each of the items in that Easter basket do in some way have a relationship to Christs Resurrection. The bunny is an early sign of spring and one of the first animals to emerge from winters hiding. Its appearance too is transitory as that rabbit comes out for a moment and quickly darts out of sight. To view one is a surprise, and also takes a trained eye. For the child that rabbit is the symbol of the supreme importance of this day; only on the most important of dates do the children receive several pounds of solid milk chocolate ornately carved in the shape of a rabbit! Chocolate is the child’s equivalent of gold. It also is a food that is not normally consumed as a meal, but rather is doled out only for regal days.Might it also be viewed as a child’s wine?Wine is Gods symbol of special moments, the symbol of joyous events. The eggs too are a sign of new life as the egg is reminiscent of the tomb that Jesus emerges from. They are food as Jesus is the spiritual nourishment of our lives. The special significance of those eggs is told in their colors. Those colors give meaning to the preparation of Easter that is lent; the child prepares those eggs and receives them.The bright colors of Easter replace the monotone purple of lent. In their reception they reveal another aspect of the Resurrection as the Easter egg hunt teaches that the risen Jesus must be actively searched for, and that search ends with great reward. Finally that child’s Easter collection gives meaning to the adult. It is the adult that prepares the basket and must present it  so that it has true meaning. If presented wrongly, a great bounty simply becomes empty calories. They are the adults tool to teach the meaning of Easter.

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