Holy Saturday


Today is a day of rest, and of reflection, and of anticipation ,and of mourning, and of preparation. It is the day we wait in the darkness of the tomb, mindful of a world without Christ and yet busy in anticipation of the feast of his Resurrection. Though 21 century people can use this day to prepare for tomorrow, I can’t help but wonder what this day was like for the contemporaries that witnessed that cross? For them reflection of the previous days events would have been on a horror. Would they have been able to anticipate the miracle of Easter? That was something their world has never seen before. I would imagine they too descended into the tomb, waiting in darkness. Prior to that crucifixion they expressed their joy by laying palm fronds in front of Christ proclaiming him Hosanna in the highest, their king and savior. Their anticipation was to joyfully enter into that new kingdom, and now their king lies in a tomb.In that darkness that today represents, I wonder if they too said “Into your hands Lord I commit my spirit, it is finished?”

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