Holy Saturday 3


Two of those who were at the foot of that cross though were Jesus’s mother Mary and the beloved disciple.They were the ones that heard the promise of paradise made to the penitent thief. It was Mary who brought him into this world, who remained faithful to Gods message at the Annunciation, and who stood at the foot of the cross listening to that conversation between the Thief and her Son. If she did not abandon her faith in God when her Son entered into this world, why would she abandon it when he lay in a tomb. A promise of Paradise is a promise, and she kept her faith in that promise.The faithful disciple had followed this teacher throughout his ministry, perhaps those teachings in the light of faith began to reveal their meanings.At least they are a point of discussion for those who pondered this death.

“A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die. Then it grows and makes many seeds. But if it never dies, then it will always be only a single seed.”

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