Prophets and Laws


Jesus said to his disciples:
“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.
I have come not to abolish but to fulfill…”

What is a prophet? They are those on earth that speak the word of God. They are an intermediary, a spokesperson. The word itself is an adaptation of the Greek word for advocate. Jesus did not do away with the prophets, he himself was thought by the Apostles to be a prophet. Perhaps what he did confront was the misinterpretation of those prophets, and he opened the eyes of his disciples to the true meanings of their prophesy’s. In the same manner Jesus did not do away with the law, as that law in its uncompromising truth  is the interpreted law of Gods kingdom. His challenge was in those laws interpretation and application. How could Jesus do away with those people that spoke for God, and with the laws governing Gods kingdom? Fulfilling the prophetic messages of Israel is interpreting them truthfully and that is no easy task. How common is it today for folks to pick and choose bible quotes to justify a particular point of view, and how many times are those points of view a misinterpretation or distortion of the prophets words, not to speak the word of God, but to gain power for that interpreter? Prophesies are powerful statements and whenever there is that power there is the human inclination to misuse it.The same is true of the law. While “the Law” was written to guide back to Gods kingdom, the true “promised land” , leadership always has that human weakness of confusing Gods law for mans desires.What Jesus did abolish was those falsehoods proclaimed by powerful men concerning the  the prophets, so that Gods truth could be revealed. He advocated the spirit of the law, so that Gods kingdom also could be revealed.

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