The Transfiguration


 Second Sunday of Lent 
Lectionary: 27

The transfiguration of Jesus could just as easily be labeled the transfiguration of the disciples. As much as Jesus went through that change, wasn’t the change that took place in the Apostles just as important? For 21-century disciples isn’t that transfiguration of the first century disciples an important reminder of what Jesus should do in our lives? This event is a pivotal moment.Just as the disciples had to climb up a mountain to witness it, doesn’t that say something about their journey with Christ. Is not that journey up the mountain similar to their learning about Christ? In a learning curve they had many obstacles to overcome; obstacles related to preconceived notions of who God was, of what a teacher was, of the constraints of society and culture.At any point in their journey up that mountain, and in their learning journey with Christ, they could have stopped and turned back. They didn’t though; the pursued Christ until they reached a summit.Once at that summit the direction changes and they begin their descent towards the passion of Christ. Wasn’t it also their transformation that fueled their desire to make that journey with Christ to Jerusalem? In comparing the event of the Transfiguration to an Old Testament event, I wonder which one it would be? Would it be the Hebrews willingness to listen to what Moses had to say, or would it be their desire to cross the red sea with Moses and begin their Journey to a promised land? Those three Apostles witnessed a transfiguration of Jesus as their Gospel accounts tell us. Do you think Jesus too saw a Transfiguration in those Apostles? Could it be that is what the Christ looks for in us? There is a difference between listening to Jesus, and allowing Jesus to transform us. That transfiguration is both something to witness and also something to pray for.

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