Second Station of the Cross


Jesus Carries His Cross

Jesus says in his Gospel ” my yoke is easy and my burden is light”  and that is his guidance to us to carry us through life. His yoke, his Gospel message, is to aid us in carrying many of the burdens we face in life. His yoke is to make our pilgrimage easier, it is not a burden in itself.Placing our sins on that cross relieves us of that burden. Our sins are forgiven! What a contrast that is to the cross he carries  laden with our sins, heavy and painful. It is the burden of our sins that we often place on others. Christ carries this burden for us and for our salvation. Is that not also instruction that we too should pick up our cross and follow him? With the hardships that go along with carrying a cross, perhaps we should be reminded of that price of salvation, and the burden our sins place on us and on others.How do we place our sins on that cross to be free from that burden? Confession and its three parts: contrition or genuine sorrow for committing the sin, confession or disclosure of the sin, and penance or making amends for that sin.

We adore thee O Christ and bless thee, because by Thy holy cross Thou hast redeemed the world

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