something greater


Wednesday of the First Week in Lent
Lectionary: 226

there is something greater than Jonah here…

Jesus preached the Kingdom of God is at hand. He didn’t preach just repentance. He didn’t preach for people to make minor corrections in their lives. His Kingdom of God was to turn their lives upside down. While the Ninevites might have taken the smallest of steps towards that Kingdom, their repentance was just that ,a small step. In that same regard, while we too might have inched closer to that Kingdom and reaped many of its benefits, we have in no way reached that Kingdom. Something greater is akin to our feeble attempts to understand the power of the sun or the size of the universe. While we might have some grasp of that power or size, we are incapable of  comprehending something that vast,or power that great, or a heat that intense,or a light that bright. If the small improvements that the Ninevites made in their repentance had a large effect in their lives;could they imagine how grand their life would have been if they truly were in step with that Kingdom Jesus preached? The same is true with our efforts. If “something greater” is always beyond our comprehension, is it worth the steps to reach that Kingdom? With each step taken in the right direction, we indeed do reach “something greater.” The odd twist with Jonah and “something greater”, is that even if we take a step in the wrong direction; the God of that Kingdom will put us back on course,because God want’s us to reach something greater.

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