First Station of the Cross


Jesus is Condemned to Death

The first station of the cross is that Jesus is condemned, it is not that he is questioned, or interrogated  or put on trial, or charged with a crime, or judged by a jury of his peers. He is condemned. What he said was met with disapproval by the authorities and Jesus would not bow down to their wishes. He did not change his Gospel message. How many times has this sort of authoritative condemnation taken place in modern times? How man  dictators have condemned their opponents to death for simply opposing them? How many people   are condemned in courts unjustly through a Kangaroo court? How many have been condemned through race,ethnic cleansing or through religious intolerance or simply through greed? A person does not have to look at global politics to spot this sin, though it is almost always in the news; many times it is present on a smaller level in the classroom or the workplace. Many times it is disguised as news/entertainment or sensationalized editorials in the media.How many political commentators hold one sided mock trials as news masqueraded as opinion? How many times do people condemn someone with a simple waive of the hand, just like Pontius Pilate; with no reason or concern?

We adore thee O Christ and bless thee, because by Thy holy cross Thou hast redeemed the world

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