How it is with the kingdom of God


Mk 4:26-34

Parables of Jesus are great first from the lessons that can be learned from the story itself and also the exercise the mind gets from trying to discover those lessons. Jesus taught in parables, and according to the Gospel he spoke to the crowds almost exclusivity in parables. Why though would he choose this particular method of instruction? One line of thought is that Jesus taught in these encrypted messages so that he could escape the authorities before they discovered the meaning of his messages. His teachings did not always look kindly on the authorities of the day. Another reason though might be because these enigmatic stories were an exercise of the mind. These stories trained the disciples to think in ways different from the ways things were interpreted at that time. The parables message is interpreted, it is not defined. Its message is filtered through a persons experiences, they are not carved in stone. Their messages are learned and not dictated. They are many shades and colors. They are not black and white. They guide a person towards the spiritual and away from the legalistic. Much is learned from them in trying to interpret them, along with that interpreted message. In Jesus message of this is how it is with the kingdom of God he describes a seed planted and its growth independent from the farmers actions. A person could be told that kingdom does not depend on the farmer and one could think that the seed does not need the farmer to grow as the kingdom does not depend on man. One also could think that the farmers water might help as might a bit of tilling of the soil ; just as good judgement might bring man closer to the riches of Gods kingdom. A farmer might view this parable differently from a city dweller. The same is true with the parable of the mustard seed. Many of the audience were familiar with these trees, yet some might be familiar with those mighty Mustard trees that grow to great heights by a stream and in fertile soil. Others might be more familiar with the scrubby shrub that grows among the rocks and in the desert. Still the third person might recognize that they are from the same seed, yet in different environments.That person might understand the importance of nurturing the kingdom alluded to by that parable story.In both stories though the disciples imagination is fired up to think of all of the possibilities of that kingdom and not simply a tired definition dictated to them. That is the richness of the Parable and how the Kingdom of God is like..

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