The conversion of Saint Paul


The conversion of Saint Paul seems relevant to those who are future converts, and also to those who have been practicing Christians for a while. At his conversion the switch flipped and suddenly he not just converted religions, but understood Christianity. There is a difference between joining Christianity and understanding Christ. Paul’s conversion was his personal Epiphany, the time when his arguments against Christ no longer made sense while Christianity suddenly made perfect sense.It was when Christ spoke directly to him. Paul’s is the arguments of Christ to the Pharisees as Paul was a Pharisee and it is these arguments taken to their completion. Paul did have a dialogue with Christ, though for him it was through his persecution of Christians. I wonder if his conversion would have been so dramatic if it were not for these dialogues even though those interactions were so negative towards Christ. In his persecution Paul had to become familiar with that early church, he had to learn their way even if it was to plot against them.Paul had to be drawn towards Christ for Christ to heal him. In his conversion are the healing’s of Christ. His conversion is the healing of the blind, of the lepers, of the beggars, the demoniac and the cripples.Like these Paul has to call out to Christ,and once drawn towards Christ that presence of Christ can heal.His anger is removed,his sight is restored, and like the cripples he is made whole, and like the cured leper he is welcomed back into the community he was exiled from; both Christs church and Gods Kingdom. In Paul’s conversion a lesson can be learned about the interaction needed to approach Christ, and it is a lesson that applies to new converts as well as cradle Christians. In Paul’s conversion Christs healing also can be seen; his is the healing of the lost, the downtrodden, those crippled by hatred,and those crippled by addiction. How many of these, like Saint Paul,suddenly see the light?

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