“They have no wine.”


When the wine ran short,
the mother of Jesus said to him,
“They have no wine.”

In the gospel of the wedding feast at Cana, forget the rest of the story and just concentrate on this one line; “They have no wine,” Imagine a wedding party that didn’t provide enough wine! Think about the water that Jesus converts to wine.It was the water used for ritual cleaning and there was a surplus of it. Of course one has to presume that the ones officiating over the wedding were a reference to the Jewish leaders of the day and Jesus is beginning his new testament. One also has to understand a bit about the symbolism of water in that Old Testament. Water was the flood of Noah and the crossing at the Red Sea and the water from the rock and the water of ritual cleansing. It was representative of a death. Wine was the fruit of the vine and the symbol of the special moments in Gods relationship with the chosen people. It is the symbol of the joyous and uniquely special events. Why was it that the water was plentiful and the wine was scarce?  An analogy for the wedding might be that  the concern was over the legal documents and the writing of the contract with little or no emphasis on enjoyment or Joy.Was not the wedding a uniquely special and joyous event, an event that begged for wine? Perhaps in that statement,”They have no wine”,is a statement on what these leaders have turned that relationship with God into.Perhaps that covenant turned heavily towards the legal aspects of a contract and was sorely lacking in Joy. Might they have been quick to be ritually clean, but lacking in the joy of their relationship with their God? Would not a celebration of that joyous relationship be what an oppressed people were in need of to keep that relationship strong? These people of the covenant did live under the rule of an invading empire. What was called for a stricter rule from their religious authorities or a celebration of their unique relationship with their God . Having no wine was bad news indeed, and in Jesus miracle at Cana, that bad news was about to turn into good news. The meaning of the word Gospel is after all good news. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is the turning of water into wine, of suffering into joy.

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