Jesus teaches at the synagogue at Capernaum


Mark 1:21-28

When Jesus teaches at the synagogue at Capernaum  he teaches “with authority” and drives out demons.  His teaching is describes as being “unlike the scribes”, but  how would the scribes have taught? Scribes knew the law as they were the official recorders of the law. They knew the subtleties of  its wording in  minute detail because of their trade. Scribes were educated in a society where few were people educated, and they also were respected. Since recording the law was their business, it isn’t an incorrect assumption to suggest they enjoyed talking about the law. They did not however have any authority in enforcing that law as they were not judges. They also did not have authority over the law in another sense: they did not necessarily have a good command over it. While they had command over the details, its wisdom and meaning perhaps escaped them, and it takes more than an ability to recite a law to have the ability to drive out the demons that plagued individuals in that society. The scribes though were high ranking members of that very hierarchical society. Imagine the scandal caused when an lowly artisans son healed what they could not.Jesus wisdom was not in the details of that law, but rather in its spirit.While the scribes authority rested in a hierarchy, his was the authority of the wisdom that the law.In looking at law from wisdom’s viewpoint, Jesus did not regard it as a trivial assortment of facts but rather used that wisdom contained in the laws and scriptures to bring about healing and to drive out those demons that plague every person and every nation. Imagine if every person in Authority used wisdom as the basis of their authority and not a selection of rules to advance their own trivial pursuits?

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