“Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”


MK 1:14-20

Simon, Andrew, James and John dropped everything to follow Jesus.All four were employed fishermen with family in Galilee. When these four drop everything they do indeed leave something behind. How difficult is that to do? The gospel tells that Jesus was preaching in the area about his Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am sure they did not fully understand that kingdom as I don’t think people in this century fully grasp its meaning either. What they did understand though was the Kingdom they lived in during their lives. In their first steps to discipleship they had to recognize the faults in their lives and in their culture and they also had to realize that there was something better. When Jesus calls out to them the first word used by Jesus is repent but what does that word mean? The dictionary says it means to turn from sins and  dedicate oneself to the amendment of ones life.It also says it means to have regret and to change ones minds. In dropping everything, does that refer to their repentance? Did they look around their life and change their mind about their lifestyle? In looking at that lifestyle, did they simply view it within their own cultural background? How much did the culture of that region influence their repentance? Galilee was a culturally diverse region.How they interpreted that world must have been an individual thing, but each of them did make the commitment to Repent: to turn from sin and to change ones mind. In their conviction they dropped everything to journey towards something new. It seems that first step in discipleship is simply to realize there is a better way, and to make that commitment to move towards it. It is diving into the water with both feet.

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