The Eve of Christmas


The day before the birth of Jesus was a real day in time, the first Christmas Eve. On that day Joseph tried frantically to find a place for he and Mary to find comfort. They asked all the people they came across to kindly give them some shelter yet there was none to be found. As in shopping for anything the goods go to the highest bidder; they obviously did not go to those in the greatest need, for who could have been in more need but Mary and Joseph? From that first Eve the necessity of this  Christ are apparent. The story also gives glimpse of the goodness of Gods creation beneath all of that rejection. The last innkeeper does not simply close the door in their face.This innkeeper at least notices Mary and Josephs suffering and offers them the smallest gesture of relief possible, a place to sleep with the animals. Even in despair God provides compassion. In that grotto God also provides a shelter from a storm and Gods creatures provide warmth. All of mans great achievements of the day, whether they be architectural wonders, a mighty empire, powerful armies, or scholarly knowledge offer nothing towards this birth that is the Savior.In one small sense this nativity scene becomes something like Noah’s ark with salvation huddled in a cave momentarily protected from the storm of civilization. The difference though is that this Savior does not simply wait for the storm to subside.  From this grotto Christ goes out into the storm and tells it to “be quiet!,the kingdom of God is at hand”. The Eve of Christmas is truly darkness before the dawn

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