"O Adonai"


O Sacred Lord of ancient Israel,
who showed yourself to Moses in the burning bush,
who gave him the holy law on Sinai mountain:
Come, stretch out your mighty hand to set us free.

O Adonai is the name used for YHWH by devout Jews in prayer, meaning master or lord.It is the lord that appears to Moses at the burning bush,the Lord of Israel; the same lord of the nativity as the second person of the trinity. It was “O’Adonai” that led the ancient Hebrews out of slavery,and the Lord Jesus Christ that leads us back towards the kingdom of God. In the nativity narratives it was Mary that says yes to this Lord in her conversation with an angel, and Joseph that accepts this Lord that Mary bears again through an angelic conversation. At the burning bush Moses removes his sandals in front of the burning bush as a way of homage and respect for O’Adonai. How do we approach this Child of the nativity and how do we bow before his body as the Eucharist? In thinking of this respect for O’ Adonai, the name itself brings to mind the word adoration.It also  brings thought to Saint Paul’s comments on the grace of God as something that is given to us freely, not something that we choose to earn or accept. When we bow before the Lord is it something we do freely out of our choice? Perhaps I might like to think that my homage is of my own free will, but then I think even if I choose to be stubborn and stand up to God in defiance; my knees will eventually bend in homage through the strength of that God. After I do fall before the Lord,”Adonai” will allow me to stand again through the his grace; such is his strength and majesty.

O Come, O Come, Thou Lord of might,
who to thy tribes on Sinai’s height
in ancient times didst give the law,
in cloud, and majesty, and awe.”

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