The ancient Phoenicians were well known throughout the ancient world for their purple dyed silk produced by the Murex sea snail. Dye Murex, or Phoenician Purple or Tyrian purple, all varieties of “royal purple” was produced by various species of these snails. Byzantine emperors by law were the only people allowed to wear Tyrian purple; it most definitely was a color of rank and of royalty. Royalty too would have been the only ones who could afford it; it today’s currency a liter of the dye would be worth millions.

Purple also is the color of a bruising. It is the color of the opposite spectrum of royalty; the bruised, the battered and the suffering. While sometimes people jump into the celebration of Christmas perhaps they miss out on what the Advent of Christmas is about. In the ancient world many were bruised and battered. The Hebrews escaped the slavery of Egypt, they were assaulted by the Assyrians, exiled, and then oppressed by the Romans. The messiah they awaited was one who would deliver them from their misfortunes and deliver them back to the serene, prosperious peace they knew under King David. I wonder how many times folks take part in and enjoy the spectacle of Christmas with all its festive padgentry whithout realizing all that Christmas day really means.

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