A feast


Gospel Lk 14:15-24

‘Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town
and bring in here the poor and the crippled, the blind and the lame.’

There must be a reason these are the people that Jesus always mentions get to the feast, especially since in real life they are exactly the ones that are farthest from that feast.Jesus uses these as an example for how to approach the feast that is the kingdom of God. What would their approach be, and how does it differ from those who have been invited? The thing is that those invited view their invitation as something expected or even something they are owed. It is a privilege they deserve and sitting at the banquet of God is their right.The problem though with that sense of entitlement also comes an attitude of taking their privileged for granted. Jesus uses his observation of the disadvantaged as a means to teach the privileged whether they be a person of authority or simply people of the covenant in good standing. While the elite are willing to choose their attendance or view entry on their terms, the disadvantaged leap at the opportunity, for them entry is something they would not pass by if given a chance and they would look at every and any opportunity to feast at that banquet. Shouldn’t those invited approach Gods banquet in a similar manner? Shouldn’t they look for every opportunity?Should they not approach Gods Kingdom with an eagerness? Should they not make excusses for excluding themselves from that heavenly banquet? Should they not be standing in their own way? The poor,crippled, blind, and lame faced real challenges in life and real burdens. For them even the smallest bit of relief is greeted with joy.  Perhaps Jesus was trying to tell his countrymen that when God gives them access to his banquet that is the Kingdom of God, they should joyfuly accept that invitation and not make up reasons to exclude themselves from that heavenly feast.

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