Why do you not judge for yourselves what is right?”


Friday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Lectionary: 477
“Why do you not judge for yourselves what is right?”

    -Lk 12:54-59

Jesus in his argument presents many signs of nature, easily interpreted through experience. Clouds for rain, a hot breeze, they are simple signs of nature that would easily gain a consensus on their meaning. There would be little argument. Yet look at their lives. On one hand there are small groups with more wealth than they could even begin to use, on the other there are people starving. There are invading armies and at the same time bickering among kinsmen. Divisions are the rule of the day with the clash of cultures. There are Romans, Greeks, Jews, Assyrians, Samaritans all locked in battle yet no one can judge for themselves what is right, or to phrase it another way they can’t figure out what they are doing wrong. Yet if they looked at their situation with the objective clarity they can see in the signs of nature, perhaps the situation might improve. To interpret a cloud and see rain is not that different than seeing poverty and recognizing injustice. If one can see a cloud, they can’t stop the rain; but if one sees poverty it is in our ability to alleviate it. If there is conflict at least one party can attempt a resolution, even if the only resolve is to speak out against it. Could it be that sometimes it is easier to live with an injustice than to initiate a change? Is it complacency that prevents us from judging what is right? Or might inaction be motivated by fear? A person does not have to go all the way back to ancient history to find situations where people did not judge what is right; those situations are all around us both in our current history books and in our lives. “Why do younot judge for yourself what is right?”


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