John of the Cross


“The world lives unmindful of the sufferings of Jesus which are the miracle of miracles of the love of God. We must arouse the world from its slumber.”
                                     –John of the Cross

John of the Cross was devoted to the passion of Jesus Christ. His order, The Passionists, preach Gods love for this world as revealed through the Passion of Jesus. Theirs is a promise to bring that healing Passion to those who bear their own Cross such as the poor, marginalized, the disabled, and the sick.
Their emblem, the sacred heart and cross contains the words “Jesu XPI Passio.”The Greek and Latin are the early language of the church. It simply means “the Passion of Jesus Christ.” The three nails at the bottom serve as a reminder of his suffering and death.
While one way to serve the Passion is to preach, another is an active mission or ministry, and the third is contemplation of that Passion, Death, and Resurrection. Contemplation and meditation brings about that ability to speak(which is to preach), and to act on those lessons learned.

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