Friday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 465

Folks had trouble understanding Jesus. They witnessed what he accomplished, yet he was way out from normal.Normal was the temple, normal was the chief priests, and normal was the law.Jesus was none of these, and that was hard to accept. In their confusion some thought Jesus the work of the devil. Their arguments made no sense, which points to just how different Jesus was, and how confused many of his followers were.  Jesus argues that if he were the devil, and the devil drove out demons; wouldn’t more demons take their place? In a sense maybe that is  a measure of good; that once illness is cured it does not return, and another illness does not take its place. There is not a substitution of one evil for another, or a void rendering a person incomplete. Confusion is clouded judgement, and decisions made under such circumstances are many times flawed. They are just as flawed as when the crowds thought Jesus cures by the devil even though evil does not cure itself. Jesus presents an argument that diffuses confusion by examining the details. In that Jesus guides us in curing our own clouded judgment, and our own examination of good and evil.That examination of judgement is similar to examination of conscience that takes place prior to confession; to see that the good is truly good, and the evil is truly evil, that good is not replaced by evil and that evil is not mistaken for good.Confessing to a truth does not allow a false argument to stand.

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