parable of the sower , part 2


The next part of Jesus’s parable concerns me for I am that soil that seed falls upon. We are given four choices; a path, a patch of  riddled with thorns, a rock, and fertile soil. Which is me? How do I figure this out? For the first part, I figure I read this little parable, so that must make me fertile soil. Right? I like to think so, but I think in this it involves more than just reading; perhaps what I do is important also. Its not just the words, but how I react to those words. In that case, I certainly must be the path. I hear the word and want to believe in it, but in many instances I reject those words because another bit of prose is more appealing and in that instance the word goes away. I guess that fertile patch of soil could have been trampled on a bit ? If  a patch of soil can be trampled down, then how much does my receiving of the word depend on my environment? If I turn on a television and look around the globe, there are many different cultures each with its own agenda regarding God. In a country that is strongly atheistic, can that word grow? What about a secular society? A communist country? Is the path, the path many varied societies take in regard to that word? In a path can there be at least a small patch of fertile soil, a pot-hole perhaps? Karol Józef Wojtyła I think was one of these pot-holes,a little crack in a well trodden path. When the word fell upon him, not only was it able to grow but it tilled that path better than any plough man could make and revitalised it back to the fertile soil of its past. Karol was born in Communist Poland, declared atheistic by its government; but the word fell on him and it grew so well within him that the entire path of that nation changed; a tramped down path became once again a fertile field.

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