Jesus heals the centurion’s slave


Monday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 443     Lk 7:1-10

In the healing of the centurions slave, the same situation is set up as when Peter rebukes Jesus and Jesus replies “get behind me Satan.” In the first group the elder Jews tell Jesus  “strongly” that he should heal the centurions slave. The word strongly sounds awfully familiar to rebuke, does it not? Their reason is that the centurion is ally and supporter of theirs :he built their synagogue. In these elders minds they have justified the healing according to their set of requirements: they did not approach Jesus on what he should  do and why. Was favoritism a justifiable reason for Jesus to heal someone? The centurion however approaches Jesus with quite a different approach, he realises that he does not have the right to ask for this healing; he realises that the healing is a gift and the centurion is willing to accept the outcome whatever way things turn out.. With that approach Jesus is amazed at the mans faith and heals his servant. Luke was clever in the way he composed this account. He has the centurion describe how he interact with those who are under his command. Go. Come. “Do this”. The centurion commands his troops. In reading his talk of commanding his subordinates, he begins to sound like the Jewish Elders: They too wanted to command Jesus. In Luke’s gospel a persons approach to Jesus then is doubly emphasised. The lesson of approach speaks volumes of how to approach Jesus, especially in prayer. How many times are prayers given as commands:”grant this wish”, “let this happen”,”dont let this happen.” Would the prayers not be more effective if thy were worded properly: “help me to accept”, “let thine will be done.” How one approaches God is Important

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