Nativity of Mary


The feast of the”Nativity of Mary “is today (9/8), nine months after her Immaculate Conception.In the eastern tradition Mary’s birthday is formally known as”The Birth of Our Exalted Queen, the Birthgiver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary.” The Church calendar observes the birthdays of only three persons: St John the Baptist , Mary, Mother of Jesus and Jesus the Christ .The names of Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anna, appear in a apocryphal second century book known as “Gospel of James”. It says Joachim and Anna were beyond the years of child-bearing(Like Johns mother St. Elizabeth), but prayed and fasted that God would grant their desire for a child.Like John the Baptists birthday, Mary’s forms an important link between the Old and New Testament. It is the beginning of the New Testament fulfillment of the Old Testament promise of salvation.Mary’s nativity celebrates the dawn of our redemption . It is a feast day,a celebration, a day of rejoicing. All feast days should have something festive to commemorate them.French vineyards name Mary’s birthday “Our Lady of the Grape Harvest”. On this day the best grapes are brought to the local church to be blessed , and grape bunches are attached to hands of the statue of the Blessed Virgin. It is followed by a banquet containing foods made from the fruits of this harvest.

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