Rejoice or Fast?


Friday 7 September 2012
Friday of week 22 of the year
Luke 5:33-39
When the bridegroom is taken away from them, then they will fast.
Isn’t it great to get a hint about the mood of Jesus’s mission ? It isn’t likened to a revolt, or a revolution: it is likened to a wedding feast, both festive and joyous. It perplexed the Pharisees who were somewhat obsessed with formalities and rituals and maybe to the point where they lost the meaning of rejoicing. Could they not see reason to give thanksgiving for all that YHWH had given them ? Had their obsessions with laws blocked the simple act of rejoicing in the God that their laws and rituals were directed towards? If one can’t rejoice in God and Gods gifts, what is the benefit of ritual ? Can one honor God without rejoicing? The Pharisee’s asked why Jesus and his disciples don’t fast, Jesus asked the Pharisee’s why they don’t rejoice: One Point being  that both are important..

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