deeper waters


If pushing that boat into deeper waters was necessary to catch a decent harvest for a fisherman, did Jesus also delve into deeper waters to deliver his message? While his message might have gained some controversy among Gods chosen people, what would the reception to that message  be to a  gentile audience? How would cultures that worshiped a pantheon of Gods relate to his message? Would it generate interest, curiosity, anger, hostility, acceptance, rejection? Would Jesus and his disciples be welcomed ? Jesus message delivered at the synagogues might not have always received the warmest reception, but that delivery was within the cultural norms of the day, I doubt the same could be said of its delivery amongst the collection of cultures that comprised the holy lands! Think too of that message being delivered not to worshipers as foreign as those who bowed to alien gods, but to worshipers that were the descendants of Moses flock, though hybridized with local religions: this would be the practices of places such as Samaria. While some fractions of Moses flock were able to keep true to that tradition, many were led astray through poor guidance of their Israelite Kings.Ahab and his wife Queen Jezebel are a fitting example ; with Ahab a Jewish king and Jezebel his Baal worshiping queen. Throughout that reign the flock was encouraged to intermarry and to honor that foreign God Baal. Though in time their culture might have worshiped in some way the God of Moses, their specific  practices were foreign to the Jerusalem temple priests and denounced by the likes of the Pharisee’s. Delivering this message , and gathering together all who believed in the one true God , was indeed journeying into deeper waters.

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