Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord


  So much meaning about this feast of Christ’s Transfiguration can be gleaned from its description in the Gospel accounts and from its location in these Gospels. For its location it occurs halfway through each Gospel;halfway between Birth and Ascension. It occurs on a mountain top,as Moses receiving the ten commandments. It is witnessed by only the closest of disciples, perhaps speaking of a revelation to come and a task to be carried out. God appears in a cloud as in the Old Testament and at Jesus’s baptism. Again, God reasserts “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”, the message delivered at Christ’s baptism by John.It is a pivotal moment in the Gospel and a pivotal moment in the Apostles lives.
The link between human and divine is unmistakable, either for the readers of the account or for the apostles witnessing it. At first they begin to see Jesus as one of the prophets, but then God speaks “This is my beloved Son.“ They had journeyed with Christ, listening and learning.In as much as Christ was transfigured on this mountain top, thy too were transformed. They began to understand who this Messiah was and that they had a role in this mission. In this pivotal moment God speaks to them, God Speaks to them through Jesus the Christ and at that moment all else ceases to exist. The prophets disappear and they follow Christ. Could it be that in going up that mountain they were adherents to the Old Testament, and in their decent they firmly joined Christ’s New Testament; no longer adherents to Moses and the law but now disciples and Apostles of Christ?

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