Dress for success..


Mt 13:54-58

How easy is it to accept financial advice from someone in pinstripes on wall street or medical advice from someone in a white coat? Is there such a thing as dress for success? Can a skilled orator make nonsense sound convincing or a good lawyer convince a jury a guilty man is innocent? What are the powers of persuasion ?How easy is it to follow stereotypes and how difficult is it to go against them? Can a janitor guide a nation? Can a President be a fool ? Stereotypes are not easy to break! While people might accept a Rabi’s eccentric teachings as credible simply by the length of time they have taught; would the teachings of a common laborer posing an identical view be greeted equally?Here lies Jesus’s dilemma, though people might have listened to his words, they could not get past his uniform.He was a member of the laboring class, yet talked as a teacher. If people listened to this carpenters son, who would they listen to next? Its not suprising that some wore  crowns of laurels, while his was a crown of thorns. I can’t help but wonder if Jesus’s message was delivered by someone dressed just a little bit better, or by some one with just a few more coins to their name; if that same message (his gospel message) might have been greeted just a little bit differently? I wonder if we make that same mistake today?

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