Ignatius of Loyola



ST Ignatius started out as a soldier, was wounded, reads the life of Christ and was healed. Maybe a few details were left out, but somehow I don’t think they are really all that important. Ignatius had in his youthful temperament the determination to fight. IN that youth he joins the battle that was going on in his part of the world(Battle of Pamplona). His wound causes him to stop, to rest, to recuperate. He still is a soldier and still thinks like one; but he is forced to step back. During this intermission of his life he stumbles on the story of another life. In that intermission, that rest, that recuperation; he reevaluates his life in the terms of Christ. When he resumes his course, it no longer is the battlefield that is his destination: His Journey now is to follow Christ. Was the important event in Ignatius’s life getting wounded in battle, or was the important event his recuperation?I think the latter. While his military discipline likely gave him the training to carry out a mission; it was his quiet rest that gave him the ability to choose one. In that quiet rest, he quietly turned to prayer and quietly meditated on the life of Christ. Eventually a rest that was meant to heal a wound became one that nourished a soul

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