Who is my Brother, who is my sister?


Mt 12:46-50

Families, Unions, Trades,Teams, Professions,Race, Creed, Color, White Collar, Blue Collar, Democrat, Republican,Northerner, Southerner, European, Asian,Old-World,New-World, Old-School, New-School, Brother, Sister, In-Group, Outcast: People can group Themselves in Just about any configuration imaginable, they can form groups that are exclusive and excluding. Its Us versus Them. Jesus too breaks people into groups: those who obey God, and Those who do not. What a perspective. To him this is the one that matters. In the culture of the day though, perhaps that was not so True. Folks just didn’t get the big picture! To them it was the tribes, the families,the social hierarchies and the cults that were all important . Societies dictated who could associate with who and every minute difference was highlighted. Most of this is still true today. SHOCKING! Exclusivity is the Goal… but to Jesus the only groups that mattered were two; those that were obedient to God and those who were not. His mission was to get that first group to convince the second to join them. To Jesus even two groups was one to many, to him obedience to God was that important. One Kingdom faithful to one King, the Kingdom of God

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