Why do we fast ?


Mt 9:14-17
John the Baptists disciples asked why they and the Pharisees fast while Jesus’s do not. Perhaps they would have been better off asking when do they fast, why do they fast, and when should their fast cease. Fasting is a form of repentance,it is a both reminder of past  negative behavior and a resolution to turn away or repent for that fault.It is an offering made to atone for a sin, with the hope that the sin will be forgiven, and a relationship will be restored.Fasting by its very nature is a waiting, it is waiting for its own end so that something new might begin. It is waiting for hunger, longing, and emptiness to be replaced by nourishment, fulfillment, and joy.Jesus and his disciples did not fast. Perhaps Jesus witnessed the fasting Johns (and the Pharisees) disciples had already endured, perhaps he knew the time has come for hunger longing and emptiness to be replaced.For the fast to be meaningful it had to come to an end so that Joyfulness of a restored relationship might return. It was not out of arrogance that Jesus and his disciples did not fast; it was so that the fullness of redemption might be received. Jesus’s message was not about more waiting, it was about realizing that the hopes and aspirations of the Israelites was present; The Kingdom of God was at hand and that called for celebration. The Celebration  of the New Testament. Jesus knew our human nature, he new we would  fall again and again(and again… .. .), but he also knew the power of redemption and the need for it. John preached repentance, Jesus preached the restorative power of redemption.

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