Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye?


Jesus said to his disciples:
“Stop judging, that you may not be judged.
For as you judge, so will you be judged,
and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.
Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye,
but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?
How can you say to your brother,
‘Let me remove that splinter from your eye,’
while the wooden beam is in your eye?
You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first;
then you will see clearly
to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye”

       What is more difficult, finding flaws in others or seeing your own ? Jesus in his comparison of a splinter and beam gives no reference to who he is speaking of other than disciples and brothers. He speaks of his disciples removing “splinters” from their brothers eyes, while leaving “beams” in their own: yet both groups are indeed his disciples. In reading through the gospels you get a picture of who Jesus’s disciples are and who he addresses these statements to. His disciples certainly were the Apostles. They were fishermen, tax collectors, the centurion,Martha and Mary, The paralytics, the blind, the cripples healed. The people present for the multiplication of loaves and fishes. They were the centurion. They were Jews, they were gentiles, they included the woman at the well in Samaria.If you imagine a conversation of all of Jesus’s disciples it is not difficult to imagine the arguing amongst them.You can see them gouging at each others eyes to remove the splinters.What were the splinters?If you read through the cast of characters they are easy to spot; some were Jews others were Gentiles or Samaritans.Others held undesirable jobs and some were cursed through illness. One might even say the splinters were simply the splintered society they lived in. If these varied differences were the splinters, what on earth was the wooden beam in their eyes they could not recognize? Might that have been that they really were all the same, that they are all brothers?

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