Mustard seed ramblings


          In the parable of the mustard seed the one thing we are asked to do is plant it (or accept it). From that simple act of acceptance it begins to take root. The more we accept it the more it grows. God provides the grace for its growth to continue. The rain is the grace, the sun (son) causes it to reach to the heavens and spread its branches across the earth (the cross). The sun is the SON, the son of God. The growth of the mustard seed has two parts; the growth that is seen, the leaves and branches: and that which is not seen, that is its roots. The roots watered by the grace of God that is God’s word growing in our soul. The branches then are good works produced by the grace that has grown within us (interior versus exterior growth.)

          For the kingdom to grow all we really have to do is accept it. In accepting that kingdom where God is King Life unfolds. In accepting the smallest part, the size of a mustard seed, a magnificent miracle happens. While there are many different lessons in this short parable one important message is simply to take the one step whereby we accept GOD’S plan. Not the plans of self-professed wizards, not academic ideologies, not the plans of the self-interested: but God’s plan. It is in that acceptance that Gods kingdom flourishes.

          When the seed of faith is sown, growth proceeds in two directions; that which is visible and that which is somewhat hidden. The branches and leaves, the roots. The roots grow within. Within is our soul. That is the growth of interior life. Nourished by God’s Grace it transforms our person. While it remains hidden from view, it does permit growth in a second direction. Exterior growth. That is the works that come forth from the grace Of God dwelling within us .Though it is the leaves and branches that bring about the awe, both the tree and its roots are important. Faith is important. Works produced through faith are important

          The Mustard seed is a small seed(The Seed of Faith.) Planted, Received by the soil (By The Soul), watered by the Holy Spirit. Nourished by Wisdom: it can Grow. Its growth reaches to the heights, to the heaven. Its Kingdom, branches and leaves, provides shelter for its inhabitants, its congregation, to whom it also provides food. One thing it can not do is grow in darkness, it needs the light: The Light of the son.

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