The Visitation


What amazing faith Mary had in God! First she is told she would give birth to a son, then that Elizabeth, who is beyond childbearing years, also is pregnant. What is here response? She goes to visit Elizabeth. Elizabeth does not live close by and travel then was not easy yet Mary’s response to God is immediate. It was not focused on herself, but rather on others. Just as the apostles will later go forth to spread the good news, from the moment Jesus is announced- Mary goes forth to spread the “good news.” (Gospel is good news.) On that road the Old Testament is united joyfully with the New Testament. Both Elizabeth and Mary react joyfully at seeing each other, John leaps for joy, Elizabeth offers a blessing to both Mary and the fruit of her womb, Jesus. Elizabeth sees the fulfillment of Gods promise, and Mary carries that fulfillment. God’s saving message this time comes not in wrath, or punishment, or vengeance. It comes, and is welcomed, in Joy .. .

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