the Resurrection


In the gospel accounts of the resurrection,Christ appeared to those who knew him.His resurrection was here & visible to his contemporaries.Christ was not in a far away place, he was not resurrected in a different solar system or a distant star. He was not declared a deity while residing in a distant galaxy. Christ’s resurrection was here. It was witnessed here and  It was relevant here. The gospel writers witnessed it and carefully documented it. These apostles knew their world underwent a drastic change following the crucifixion, and the world would not simply revert to is former state.To put simply, things would not “return back to normal.” Christ’s resurrection places an importance to life here, it does not marginalize an earthly existence for an afterlife; it places importance,merit, value to our world and to our lives. It gives help to our life, here and now.It gives us redemption, here and now.Christ preached the Kingdom of God as a kingdom present. He preached for the fruition of that kingdom and in his resurrection he made his appearance as part of this earthly kingdom.Using the dimensions of the cross, the resurrection is about the horizontal beam.It is about relationships here,it is Jesus’s arms extended and welcoming to us.

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