Lent is a journey. It has a start, a time traveled, and a destination. Hopefully when you conclude your journey, you end up different than where you started. Other subtleties of the season are that at one point you feel as if your journey has just started, and at some point you realize it is nearly completed. The bible is full of journeys, or treks, or sojourns; the journey from Galilee to Bethlehem, the Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land, The trek from Bethlehem to Jerusalem for the Passover and for the presentation at the temple. The way of the cross is a journey. The bible chronicles the journey of Jesus from birth, through his ministries, to his Passion, death, resurrection, and ascension. So too the apostles had their journey. It starts with their first encounter with Christ, through their time learning, to their discipleship with him in his Passion and death .Finally it reaches their new encounter at the resurrection and concludes in their evangelization. One part that falls on this journey with Christ is the Transfiguration.

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